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Jason Stubbs

Riding for Starlight Children's Foundation

Mission accomplished!

Thank you very much for sponsoring me.

I've  had a fantastic time thrashing around Cadwell Park and at the same time giving something back to just one of the charities that helped me and my family out when we needed them.

Also thanks to Ride Sunday for creating this event and sorting out the collection of money for Starlight.

numbers up

Numbered up and ready to go......Cadwell here we come.......hope it stops raining!

Just need some numbers

ZXR400 ready to go!

I've been preparing my zxr for a while now,this is going to be the first time I've taken it out on the track. My dad is racing in the BEARS series on his BMW, I will be parading the Kwaka on Saturday and Sunday. Can't wait to thrash around Cadwell.The picture above was taken a while ago, when I fitted a new swinging arm.

My Ride Sunday Fundraising Page

On Sunday 2nd July I am joining thousands of motorcyclists all over the world in supporting the charities that are striving to provide people with happier lives. No matter who you are, or where you are, we can all make a difference.
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Thank you to my Sponsors


Richard Stubbs

Have fun mate


Suzanne Soulsby

Well done Jason!


Tom Eggermont


Josh Koop

Smash it mate!


Jamie Stubbs

Have a cracking day jas, give it some welly mate


Steve Freemam

Good luck with a good cause


Jane Stubbs

Have a great day Jas, hope you raise lots of money for The Starlight Foundation so they can continue to bring big smiles to the faces of other children suffering with cancer, just like they did for you.


Sarah Thomas

Good luck Jase!! Super proud! Love from Sarah, Amelia and Ollie xxx


Charlotte Skegg

Have fun Jas!


Paul Williams

Have a good day - easy on the gas!


Saffron Ewart

Good luck Jason!!x


Owen Howells

Keep the rubber side down!


Benjamin Price

Well done Jason, hope you raise lots of money for Starlight