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Terms & Conditions

By subscribing to Ride Sunday you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Ride Sunday is an initiative promoted by Ride Sunday Pty Ltd trading as "Ride Sunday".

Ride Sunday has adopted international best practice standard AS/NZS ISO31000:2009 Risk management principles and guidelines as well as local health and safety acts, regulations and codes of practice to reduce any risks associated with Ride Sunday to as low as reasonably practicable.

All subscribers of Ride Sunday including any person who donates to the charity of their choice through a subscriber agrees that they will participate in the Ride Sunday initiative and will do so at their own risk, acknowledging the risks associated with riding a motorcycle as driver or passenger on a public road.

It is expressly acknowledged that Ride Sunday does not expect, arrange for or suggest that any subscriber of Ride Sunday or any other person however connected to a subscriber of Ride Sunday should ride their motor cycle at any particular time or in any circumstances.

Any decision by a subscriber or by any person connected with a subscriber who elects to ride a motorcycle on any day at any time and for any reason is solely responsible for adhering to their local state or province road rules and must be appropriately licenced and registered to ride their motorcycle within their local jurisdiction.

To the fullest extent possible under the laws of Australia and the jurisdiction of New South Wales, as a subscriber to Ride Sunday you agree that by participating in the Ride Sunday initiative, you release and discharge and agree not to sue Ride Sunday Pty Ltd including its officers, employees, agents and/or volunteers, contractors and beneficiary charities from any and all losses, liabilities, costs, claims and causes of action including, but not limited to any accident, any personal injury, death or property loss or any other foreseeable consequence resulting directly or indirectly from or in any manner arising out of, or in connection with your participation in the Ride Sunday initiative.

You further acknowledge that any beneficiary charity to which donations are made by subscribers to Ride Sunday has no role in or responsibility for organizing, operating or controlling the initiatives and activities of Ride Sunday.

You also agree to indemnify Ride Sunday Pty Ltd trading as "Ride Sunday" and its officers, employees, agents and/or volunteers, contractors and beneficiary charities for any loss, liability or costs that they may incur at any time arising or that may arise, directly or indirectly, from any act or omission by any party during or related to the Ride Sunday (whether negligent or otherwise), including, but not limited to, your failure to abide by any laws where you reside whether local, state or province and any road rules within that jurisdiction or you otherwise fail to abide by any information displayed on the Ride Sunday website or on any Ride Sunday social media platform including information given to you in any format by Ride Sunday Pty Ltd trading as "Ride Sunday" and or its officers, employees, agents and/or volunteers, and contractors.

While Ride Sunday is not an organiser of any motor cycle ride or any activity connected with motor cycle riding, by subscribing to this website, you specifically acknowledge that riding a motorcycle is a dangerous activity with obvious risks and that you are riding a motorcycle at your own risk.

You understand that riding a motorcycle involves risks that may cause various injuries and that such injuries may result in death or serious disability. You also understand that riding a motorcycle is physically demanding and that in susceptible people riding a motorcycle may induce additional risks.

You acknowledge that that there are key risks that may be associated with participating in any motorcycle ride at any time and for any reason include the risks of injury arising from;

  1. the malfunction of a motorcycle resulting in an incident or accident
  2. failing to wear appropriate personal protective equipment or wearing inappropriate personal protective equipment
  3. any collision with another vehicle or with any stationary object
  4. any accident caused by riding a motorcycle in unsuitable, inclement or dangerous weather conditions
  5. riding a motor cycle while intoxicated through the consumption of any substance resulting in an accident or incident.
  6. riding a motor cycle at a speed that it inappropriate or dangerous for the road conditions cycle or otherwise exceeding the speed limit applicable to the road in the jurisdiction or altering your speed where you are riding a motorcycle whether to reduce the distance between your motor cycle and another motor cycle rider or for any other reason.
  7. deliberate or unexpected incursion by motorists into the road where you are riding a motorcycle or into a group of riders of which you are one.

By ticking this box, I hereby release Ride Sunday Pty Ltd trading as "Ride Sunday" its officers, employees, agents and/or volunteers, contractors and beneficiary charities and any other persons involved in or associated with Ride Sunday from any suit, demand, action or claim for compensation whether for personal injury or damage to property arising from my riding of a motorcycle.

I am legally eligible, competent and proficient in riding a motorcycle.

I am aged 18 years or over and am legally competent to sign this agreement.

If I wish to proceed with riding a motorcycle for any reason whatsoever whether that reason is motivated by or associated with the Ride Sunday initiative that I do so entirely at my own risk of injury or bodily harm to myself or my passenger.

I agree to the terms & conditions